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About us

SILKTOP - Who We Are
SILKTOP is a family business that was founded in March 2016 by Vera and Ena with the vision of creating a brand that will have a dual purpose:
  • Enabling the busy working woman to dress quickly for any occasion and still look elegant and confident by building a high-quality wardrobe with fewer items
  • Make a positive impact on the environment by offering single-fibre clothes that are easier to recycle, as well as offering a selection of high quality items that are repeat-wearable, therefore removing the need for multiple fast-fashion purchases and waste. 
Our storage and creative space is located in Crows Nest, on the Lower North Shore in Sydney, Australia.
    Vera Cvertkovik, CEO and Founder 
    Vera graduated Engineering in Macedonia, and spent a number of years as IT and Business Analyst in the banking/corporate world. She lived in Macedonia, South Africa and for the last 16 years in Sydney, Australia.
    She is a lifetime lover of beautiful fabrics that are used to create timeless styles. Her passion is helping women in disadvantaged communities around the globe with micro-finance.
    Ena, Co-founder
    Co-founder Ena earned her Bachelor of Business Administration from Macquarie University in Sydney and began her career in the corporate world in Sydney and Hong Kong.
    She was always a fashion lover and was pulled into the family business because of the opportunity to build a fashion brand that will allow her to help change the way women shop, contribute towards curbing the fast fashion trend, as well as express her personal style.
    Our Motto
    Our motto is BUY LESS, BUY QUALITY. We’re about helping you build a quality wardrobe base that will never go out of style. 
    We love the 'repeat wear' concept, and believe that a woman's wardrobe should be well-made and minimalist. 'Repeat wear' items enable us to dress quickly for any occasion and still look, and feel, elegant and confident. 
    Our products are premium quality, and we offer them at a fraction of the price of other brands because our lean business model doesn't require the usual high mark-ups. We are completely online - no 'brick and mortar' shops that come with the usual costs. We don't have multiple warehouses - we order in smaller quantities and distribute from one location, so multiple shipment costs between warehouses aren't included in our prices.
    Basically, we’re effective in running our business and as a result, offer better prices to you without compromising on quality.
    Say no to fast fashion and help address the problem of 'fast fashion landfill effect'.
      Social Responsibility
      We are very particular about who we source our apparel from. Our business partners hold certifications for both quality and social responsibility, meaning non-child or forced labor, good health & safety environment, fair working hours and remuneration.
      Although we understand that different countries have different standards for labour rights and fair labour conditions, we are committed to work towards making a positive difference in the industry and helping the disadvantaged. 
      10% of all Silktop profits go to Opportunity International
      We at Silktop believe in supporting the good work of other organisations.
      Opportunity International provides micro-finance to people living in poverty. With a small loan to start their own businesses, families can begin to leave poverty behind, growing and transforming communities. With 98% of loans repaid and then recycled, by donating we can all impact communities on an ongoing basis.
      Read more about their work on the Opportunity International website, and get involved in something worthwhile. 
      You can donate directly to Opportunity International here.
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