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November 15, 2017

" Huffpost: The more clothes you have the more outfit options each morning, right? Well, technically, yes -- but an overflowing wardrobe can actually make you feel like you have 'nothing to wear' and confuse your style (and let's not even get into how much wasted money is sitting in there).Surprisingly, stylish women often have less items in their wardrobes than you might think. It's about good quality items on high rotation, knowing what shapes and styles work, and being ruthless when it comes to frequent clean outs.

Alison Rice, group publisher, POPSUGAR and Who What Wear Australia Network

Do you have to dress a certain way for work?

"Dressing for work has been a real journey for me. When I moved from an editor role to publisher, it raised every bar in my life, style included. But I think regardless of your role, there isn't a more powerful feeling than when your outfit truly expresses who you are. When it represents everything you want to say without you needing to say it. I guess I took that belief system and let it guide my personal style. My office style isn't dramatically different from my evening or weekend style. I like to dress up, then I'll usually just swap the shoe or accessories to take it somewhere else."

What is your approach to shopping? Do you think things through, or impulse buy?

"It's may be a bit ironic, but I think my fashion and shopping style actually mirrors my leadership style. I'm highly organised, push for quality, respond to traditional power structures, enjoy process, I never settle and I can be inflexible. I don't buy many trend pieces. I care way more about the cut, the fabric, and how it will sit on my body, than who wore it or if I should be wearing it right now. Dressing each day is quite meaningful for me, so I want the clothes I own to inspire that process, not confuse it.

"Because I'm so hardcore about finding the right pieces, I'm always shopping but rarely purchasing. A system that works well for me is I have a handful of sites that match my style sensibilities, and then I keep a seasonal wish list on each one. That way if there's a sale, I can shop with confidence and know I haven't been swayed because something is cheap.


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